Aug 29, 2016

Schedulers for EasyMorph projects

UPDATE: This article is not relevant anymore as now we have EasyMorph Scheduler and EasyMorph Server.

EasyMorph doesn't have a built-in scheduler, although there is a number of programs that can be used for scheduling EasyMorph projects using its command line options:

Windows Task Scheduler
The standard Windows Scheduler.
+ Free. Already installed. Can launch apps under another account.
- Cumbersome user interface, limited triggering options.

Freebytes Task Scheduler (download)
A minimalist task scheduler. All it can do is run applications on schedule.
+ Very simple. Free.
- Too basic. Hasn't been updated since 2012.

Advanced Task Scheduler (download)
A full-featured scheduler with many types of tasks (e.g. FTP download). Supports task grouping. Triggering events include not only scheduled time but also file and process watchers. Prices range $40 to $150.
+ Rich on features required for real-life workflows.
- Help system is a bit confusing

VisualCron (download)
An enterprise-level task scheduler with over 100 types of supported tasks and even API. Prices start from $400.
+ Flexibility and versatility. Can be used for designing very complex workflows.
- Can be too expensive for simple use cases