Oct 12, 2017

Web File Manager in EasyMorph Server v1.2

The Web File Manager is the headline feature in EasyMorph Server v1.2 released a few days ago. Previously, publishing files to the Server had to be done solely by copying projects and data files to a shared network folder. However, in some cases it can be inconvenient -- the Server can reside on a different network segment or in a cloud where shared folders are inaccessible. Also copying files to a network folder requires setting correct permissions for the folder in order to allow the Server service to access the files.

Starting from version 1.2 EasyMorph Server has browser-based Web File Manager which allows performing the following file operations:
  • Browse folders
  • Upload one or multiple files by dragging them into browser
  • Upload one or multiple files by pressing the “Upload file” button
  • Download a file by clicking its name
  • Delete selected file(s)
Watch the video below to see the Web File Manager in action:

Multiple files can be uploaded at once. There is no limit on file size.

Note that in version 1.2 creating/renaming/deleting folders is not supported yet. This will be available in future releases.

The Web File Manager has three access modes:

  • Full access -- all file operations are enabled.
  • Only upload -- uploading/deleting is enabled. Downloading files not possible.
  • Only download -- only downloading is possible.
  • Disabled -- the Files tab is hidden, no file operations possible.
All the file operations are also available through the EasyMorph Server SDK and the command-line API client.

From a practical perspective, the Web File Manager can complement 3rd party Business Intelligence applications (e.g. Tableau Server or Qlik Server) that are browser-based but don't have built-in capabilities for uploading/downloading data files.