Mar 26, 2015

Version 1.2 is out

Here is a brief summary of new features and improvements in version 1.2:

Export to Excel
EasyMorph can now export to Excel (.xlsx only). This includes the capability to replace a sheet in an existing spreadsheet, even if there are pivot tables or charts that use the sheet as a data source. Now it's possible to transform data in EasyMorph and then use Excel as a front-end with charts and tables that update automatically when the source data changes. While it might sound like a poor man's BI, this can be handy in several cases:
  • When you don't have any purpose-built BI tool around but you need to build an automated reporting solution
  • It can simplify transition from Excel reporting to a BI platform, as in this case you can use EasyMorph to get rid of VBA macros first, while keeping familiar Excel UI, and later switch from Excel to a data visualization tool of your choice, while keeping ETL in EasyMorph. In a few days we will be adding a working example for such scenario with detailed description in our blog.
  • You have to deal with data volumes that go beyond Excel's comfort zone.
Import from .xls
Previously EasyMorph could import only from the modern .xlsx format. Now we've added support for .xls files too since they are still widely in use, especially in large corporations.

New installer
Starting from this release we ship EasyMorph with a new installer that doesn't require administrator account (a.k.a elevated privileges) for installation, and doesn't require old versions to be uninstalled prior to a new installation. This should simplify keeping EasyMorph up to date and make it more suitable for corporate environments where users are often restricted with different security policies.

Bug fixes
Fixed the bug with incorrect export to QVD for columns with empty (null) values.