Apr 10, 2015

EasyMorph v1.3 is out

A new version of EasyMorph has been released. Data transformation with EasyMorph was already simple but in this release we've added a couple new ways to transform data so it's become even simpler!  Here is what's new and exciting in version 1.3:

Right-click menu for columns
A new, handy way to transform data in EasyMorph: right-click a column header and choose from a number of options:
  • Select
  • Filter
  • Rename
  • Aggregate
  • Replace
  • Sort
  • Remove
Depending on option a corresponding transformation is automatically created and if no additional parameters required -- immediately executed. It feels like you're working with a spreadsheet. Try it once and you won't imagine using EasyMorph without it.

Multiple column selection
To make "the spreadsheet-like effect" even stronger it's now possible to select several columns using either Ctrl+click or Shift+click or their combination. Many operations are available for multiple columns as well. For example you can select, remove or rename several columns at one time using the right-click menu. You can also change number formatting for several columns at once.

Drag-n-drop for transformations
Another way to add a new transformation is to simply grab it in the list of available transformations in the sidebar and drop onto a table. You can also change order of transformations in a table by simply dragging them left or right.

List of unique values
Sometimes it's so handy to quickly look at a list of possible values in a column! In version 1.3 just double-click a column header or simply right click the header and select Show values to see what's in the column.

Watch the demo video below to see all these new features at work.