Mar 5, 2015

Version 1.1 is out. Export to Tableau and a few more novelties.

Release notes for version 1.1:

The biggest novelty in this release is that now it's possible to export into Tableau Data Extracts (.tde files). From now on EasyMorph is completely Tableau-friendly. The installation package includes a set of TDE drivers and this is why it grew from 1MB up to almost 9MB. Export to TDE works like a charm -- Tableau requires defined types for all columns and EasyMorph automatically suggests the types. When export completes you can open the .tde file in Tableau.

We also didn't forget QlikView users -- now EasyMorph reads and writes QVD files 3-5 times faster and much more memory efficient. Working with QVD files up to 500MB and more shouldn't be a problem.

Besides these two major improvements, version 1.1 sports redesigned sidebar for adding transformations which now has descriptions for every transformation, and 5 new functions: textbefore, textafter, removestart, removeend and weekday.

Download the latest greatest version here: