Sep 7, 2015

Release notes for version 2.2

Free version limitations change

Starting from v.2.2 the limit of 50K rows for export is removed. Instead, the free version now has a limit of 30 transformations per project.

User interface features

Tables and transformations can be copy/pasted between projects. Transformations can also be copied between tables by dragging with depressed Ctrl key. Table data (or selected columns) can be copied to the clipboard and pasted in another application (e.g. in Excel).

Tables now can be minimized/restored by clicking icon on a title bar, or double-clicking the bar. There is a new ribbon button to minimize/restore all tables on a tab.

It's now possible to find a column by name which is useful for wide tables. Click respective icon on a title bar to start searching. Press arrows up and down to instantly jump between search results.

Work space tabs are now reorder-able. Drag a tab left or right, or use the tab right-click menu. Also tabs now scroll instead of stacking up.

New transformations

This release introduces 5 new transformations:
  • Keep Duplicates -- remove all single occurrences and leave only duplicating ones. Useful for detecting duplicates. Can work on selected columns as well as on entire table.
  • Run Program -- run an external application once. Command line arguments can be static, or calculated using project parameters. This transformation is useful for triggering external applications after exporting data.
  • Iterate Program -- run an external application once per every line in table. Command line arguments can be static, or calculated using expression. This transformation can be used together with File List or Folder List for processing multiple files using external application or Windows shell.
  • Peek transformation extracts single value from a column in another table, and creates a new column populated with the value. It's useful for bringing total values from one table to another, for later use in expressions, e.g. calculating % from total.
  • Parameter Table -- is a new start transformation (transformation that creates a table). It generates a 1-line table where columns contain project parameters. This table can be used in projects that are iterated by another projects -- it's a convenient way to receive parameters from an external project.

Improvements in existing transformations

  •  Import from text file now supports custom separators (up to 8 ASCII characters from 0x00 to 0xFF), and no separator.
  • Deduplicate transformation can now look for duplicating combinations in selected columns only, instead of entire table.

New functions

hash(value) calculates Base64 encoded 128-bit hash of a value. Note that as any other non-cryptographic hash function it allows collisions and therefore should not be used for generating primary keys.

Tutorials and examples

Advanced Data Morphing tutorial has been updated. We've also added a new example for Data Normalization.

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