Nov 2, 2018

4 reasons to start hosting datasets on EasyMorph Server

We've just released EasyMorph v3.9.1 (both Desktop and Server). One of its major new features is the easy publishing of datasets from Desktop to Server and retrieving from Server back to Desktop. While it may look as a minor feature at first glance, there are 4 good reasons why you may want to start hosting your data on EasyMorph Server:

Easy publishing from Desktop to Server

When you keep datasets on Server instead of local drive, there is no need to use calculated parameters for paths to files in EasyMorph projects. Datasets will be loaded from the same location on Server no matter if your project is executed on Desktop or on Server. Therefore you can simply publish a project from Desktop to Server without any additional configuration of file locations.

It works well even for large datasets. Because the dataset format (.dset) is highly compressed and close to the internal representation of data in EasyMorph, loading a big dataset from Server over a network can be much faster than loading an equivalent CSV file stored locally.

Collaboration on datasets

Sending a interesting dataset to your colleague is now very easy: right-click the action which result you want to share, choose the "Send to Server" command, pick a folder on Server, and press "Publish". Then tell your colleague the folder location and the dataset name. The colleague right-clicks the Desktop workspace (the grey background behind tables), chooses the "Receive from Server" command, and receives the dataset in seconds, even if it contains millions of rows.

Project portability

When datasets are hosted on Server, there is no need to send source files together with project if a user wants to send the project to another user. You can send only the project itself, and when the other user opens it, the source datasets will be loaded automatically from Server and the project will work with exactly the same data, as if you sent it together with source data files.

Better security

Using Server for hosting source data instead of local files also works better from a security standpoint. Source data files have limited protection when you share them via a network folder or email message. However, when datasets are hosted on Server no one else will be able to access them unless they have been given access to the Server space that hosts the datasets.