Apr 20, 2019

The blog is moving to the Community forum

Our publishing was historically split between this blog (which appeared first), the EasyMorph Community forum (which was created later), and our newsletter. This was confusing for our users, some of which didn't know about the Community while some didn't realize that there is a blog.

To simplify our communication, we're consolidating all our publishing activity on the Community forum. We will keep sending out the newsletter too, which will contain the best "How to" articles from the Community, and news about new features and updates (when applicable).

This blog will no longer be updated.

The kind of articles we used to publish on this blog are now published in the Articles category on the forum.

Release notes are available on the download page, and cover both Desktop and Server.

For RSS readers, subscribe to our RSS newsfeed: https://easymorph.com/feed.rss.